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Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.5 released

Jan 6, 2020 7:00:05 PM / by Inessa Atmachian



We are pleased to announce that a new updated ImunifyAV version 4.5 beta is now available.


  • DEF-10542 - Fix an IM360 Doctor
  • DEF-10689 - Change default settings for new installations in 4.5


  • DEF-10312 - FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '5db7d1fb353165db7d1fb35322.php'
  • DEF-10554 - KeyError: 'id'

If you have any comments and suggestions regarding the release, or any feature requests, you can reach out to the product team via feedback@imunify360.com.

And, don’t forget the support team, who are always happy to help with any issues or questions on product installation and usage. To contact them, submit a ticket via ZenDesk.

How to install

To install the new ImunifyAV version 4.5, run the commands:

wget https://repo.imunify360.cloudlinux.com/defence360/imav-deploy.sh
bash imav-deploy.sh --beta

How to upgrade

To upgrade ImunifyAV on CentOS/CloudLinux systems, run the command:

yum update imunify-antivirus --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

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Inessa Atmachian

Written by Inessa Atmachian

Inessa Atmachian is a Technical Writer. She is responsible for developing technical product documentation for CloudLinux OS, KernelCare, and Imunify360 products. She provides customers with release notes and information on product updates.