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“Detection or Prevention? 3 Reasons Why You Need Both”


We’re wrapping up Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a webinar that’ll cover key tips to protect your servers from cyber attacks. Just in time for Halloween, we’ll dive deep into the online threats that lurk in the dark – and show you how to protect yourself from the dangers you can’t see.


New Video Content: “Imunify360 #Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons”


An insider’s point of view is always valuable. Arianna Della Valle shared her perspective on server security with our own Eric Ellis in our webinar “Imunify360 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons” – now available on demand by clicking here.

[New Webinar] Imunify360 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons


To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness month in October, we planned a special webinar to cover everything you need to know about how to protect your servers against unknown threats, specific types of attacks you may not know about, and why it matters more now than ever.

Join us on Tuesday, October 18 at 11 am EST / 5:00 pm GMT+2  for a conversation with Arianna Della Valle about her server security journey with hosting company Netsons. She’ll share the challenges Netsons faced, why change was critical, and how she’s been able to increase both productivity and profits.

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest for September 2022


September was a busy month at Imunify360. Check out our latest news, upcoming webinars, and recent release notes. 

Updates in Active Response x PAM protection


We are happy to announce that we made some significant protection improvements for the cases when different protection modules work in cooperative mode.

The deceptive Cloudflare block page that signals WordPress infection

Infection description

On Sep 15, we detected a malicious campaign. It was evident that the attackers we discovered were using phishing techniques to trick users into downloading a malicious binary file. They used a fake message on websites stating that a user has been blocked by Cloudflare. Meanwhile, infected websites getting the message would not necessarily even use Cloudflare services.

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.6.6


We’re pleased to announce a new version of Imunify360. Version 6.6 is now available. The following features are new in the v6.6 release:

From massive infection to zero impact


Infection description

Starting on Jun 29, we detected a malicious campaign that uses Crontab in a chained infection flow. A closer look reveals a common pattern attackers use in order to inject a backdoor to a vulnerable host.

It starts from logging in with previously stolen credentials to the cPanel service. After that, the attacker makes an attempt to upload a backdoor directly to the public directory. And the final step is to set up a CronJob task, containing obfuscated malware, scheduled to trigger every at regular intervals.

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 1 pm EST: Bulletproof your server security with Imunify360


Is your server security bullet proof? Could you benefit from a fully automated system that prevents malware and mitigates cyber attacks?

Join hosting security guru Eric Ellis this Friday at 1 pm EST to hear how others are using Imunify360 to secure their servers so they can focus on scaling their business.

How to Manage Imunify Security Notifications


We designed a set of messages to report information about security threats that are dangerous for the server. Imunify uses cPanel contact manager to send notifications about those threats. We hope you will find them helpful. This feature can be managed through CLI. 

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