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Release Notes: Imunify360 v.6.6


We’re pleased to announce a new version of Imunify360. Version 6.6 is now available. The following features are new in the v6.6 release:

From massive infection to zero impact


Infection description

Starting on Jun 29, we detected a malicious campaign that uses Crontab in a chained infection flow. A closer look reveals a common pattern attackers use in order to inject a backdoor to a vulnerable host.

It starts from logging in with previously stolen credentials to the cPanel service. After that, the attacker makes an attempt to upload a backdoor directly to the public directory. And the final step is to set up a CronJob task, containing obfuscated malware, scheduled to trigger every at regular intervals.

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 1 pm EST: Bulletproof your server security with Imunify360


Is your server security bullet proof? Could you benefit from a fully automated system that prevents malware and mitigates cyber attacks?

Join hosting security guru Eric Ellis this Friday at 1 pm EST to hear how others are using Imunify360 to secure their servers so they can focus on scaling their business.

How to Manage Imunify Security Notifications


We designed a set of messages to report information about security threats that are dangerous for the server. Imunify uses cPanel contact manager to send notifications about those threats. We hope you will find them helpful. This feature can be managed through CLI. 

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest for July 2022

Main Blog
To speed up and improve your experience on your favorite Linux server security suite, the Imunify360 team focused on performance improvements and optimizations in July. Also you’ll see new feature releases starting from the first week of August. Stay tuned on the Changelog page for chronological updates.

But wait… There’s more… 

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest for June 2022


June 2022 was a busy month for the Imunify360 team. The new version of Imunify360, v.6.5 was released to beta while v.6.4 is now stable. The Imunify360 team is also excited to announce the Early Access program for SecureSite, a non-profit program and Imunify360 demo environment. 

Keep on reading to learn more.

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest for May 2022


The Imunify360 team is excited to share the latest product updates, new products and initiatives that happened in May 2022. The new version of Imunify360, v.6.4, was released to beta and Imunify Email became available to the general public. The Imunify360 team is also excited to announce the release of two new features: Imunify360 demo and Dashboard Pro.

Imunify’s new initiative, SecureSite, announces an Early Access Program for Hosting Providers. Also, the support team provides self-service portals, giving customers value through easy access to all documents 

As you can see, we have a lot of product updates to share. Keep on reading to learn more.


Finest Antivirus on the Market

imunify finest antivirus

We are proud to say that, with our expertise and our users' support and detailed feedback,  we managed to create an antivirus solution of great quality, specifically tailored for Linux web servers.

Dashboard PRO - from bird’s eye view to the tiniest details


We are pleased to present our new investigation and monitoring solution - Dashboard PRO. It is a set of customizable visual representations that reflects the data in your environment, allows you to analyze it and provides quick access to full details on any piece of information.

Support options for ImunifyAV customers


CloudLinux provides ImunifyAV free of charge, and as such we do not offer live support for this product. If customers wish to communicate with our Support team for any reason, a purchased license for a product is required.

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