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Release Notes: Imunify360 v.6.0 beta - Malware Database Scanner

Imunify360 v.6.0 Malware Database Scanner
We’re pleased to announce a new beta version of Imunify360, version 6.0, is now available. The following features are new in the v6.0 beta release:

  • Malware Database Scanner
    Our new Malware Database Scanner lets users find and clean malicious code in the database.

  • Walkthrough video
    We added into the interface a handy reminder for you to brush up on the functions and how each feature works. Just click on “Watch walkthrough video” in the upper left corner and familiarize yourself with a particular bit of the interface.

High severity vulnerabilities in Piotnet Forms Free/Pro and Piotnet Addons For Elementor Pro Plugins


Recently, the Imunify360 team discovered high severity vulnerabilities in Piotnet Forms Free/Pro and Piotnet Addons for Elementor Pro Plugins. Sergey Brazhnik, Security Analyst from Imunify360 Web Protection Team conducted a detailed analysis of Piotnet forms and addons vulnerabilities. Keep on reading to find out more about the following:

  1. Piotnet Vulnerabilities: Summary and Timeline
  2. Piotnet Vulnerabilities Details
  3. Recommendations
  4. Recommended articles

Imunify360 Introduces Release and Changelog Tracking Tool


Developers at Imunify360 continue to take feedback from users and analyze features to find the best benefits that can help our users. We continue to build software that helps our customers protect their applications from malware and other malicious threats, and our latest patches will address many of the comments from our customers.

To help our customers track changes made to Imunify360, we’ve created a changelog page that will give you an overview of the changes made to the system. Here are the changelog pages for the various Imunify360 products:

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest September 2021

digest-septemberSeptember 2021 was a busy month for the Imunify360 team. Imunify360 v.5.11 was released. In the meantime, the goal of Imunify360 Security Suite is to make sure that its users are on the top of security trends - read new Imunify360 “How to” guides to learn more. 

cPanel hacks: How to protect your cPanel account


cPanel is the most secure hosting panel on the market, but without proper safety measures and settings, it can be vulnerable to attacks. The article goes over the following important questions:

WordPress Security Fundamentals: Ultimate Guide 2021


The WordPress content management system or (CMS) is one of the most popular web applications on the market. It’s estimated that WordPress powers almost 40% of the internet, up from 30% just a few years ago. The foundation for the content management system’s success is its convenience, simple installation, and vast theme and plugin community. WordPress can be used by someone who has very little knowledge of the ways a web application functions, but it comes at the expense of security. The article covers the following topics:

What are Antivirus False Positives and What to Do About Them?


False positives from your monitoring applications can cause undue stress and unnecessary overhead for administrators if they do not have the security knowledge to identify them. If monitoring software reports inaccurate information, administrators unfamiliar with cybersecurity could make changes based on the application’s false positives that could harm the security and stability of the environment. 

ModSecurity Rules: How to Guide


For Linux-based web servers, ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall (WAF) that protects websites from specific threats. Most threats take advantage of poorly coded web applications either through cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), header exploits, session hijacking, and code injection. Web-based exploits are distinctive from network and protocol layer attacks, so they need different technology -- such as a WAF -- to stop them. Most applications have at least one bug, and it could be just one bug that creates a vulnerability. A WAF will help you stop exploits on these vulnerabilities. This articles provides more information about the following topics:

Shared Hosting Security Guide for 2021

shared-hosting-security-guide-for-2021Shared hosting is beneficial for small hobby sites and personal blogs, but businesses might find that shared hosting limits growth. To start out, however, many site owners begin with shared hosting until their business grows and makes enough to justify paying for virtual private servers or dedicated hosting. For web hosting providers, it’s critical that servers run at optimal speeds and don’t harbor any malware. Security can be complex when hundreds of site owners with little knowledge of performance tuning and cybersecurity install applications on the shared server. With the right tools, site owners and administrators can keep their servers running at peak performance and keep them secure from common exploits. Keep on reading to find the answers to the following questions:

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest August 2021

monthly-digest-August 2021

In August, 2021, Imunify360 introduced a new version, v.5.9. and 5.10. Read the posts below to stay tuned with the latest updates and security trends.

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