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Cracking the Code: Remote Advertising Injection in WordPress Plugins

Cracking the Code: Remote Advertising Injection in WordPress Plugins

Recently Imunify360 malware researchers received a couple of requests by the community to examine the “Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin”. The plugin is widely used roughly in ~100k installations. This investigation will expose techniques used by plugins to inject ads passively into websites, in most of the cases the website’s owners do not even know or allow it. It will answer questions made by WordPress' broader community which didn’t have a chance to have proper feedback on forums.

ImunifyEmail: Elevating Email Security and Management - Official Commercial Release on June 1st


We are thrilled to announce the official commercial launch of ImunifyEmail, the latest addition to our suite of cybersecurity solutions, scheduled for June 1st. 

Following its successful beta release in February 2022 and subsequent production launch in May 2023, ImunifyEmail has rapidly gained traction, demonstrating its effectiveness in safeguarding email communications for businesses worldwide.


Cloudways Enhances Server Security with Market-Leading Imunify360 Across Its Entire Fleet


We are excited to announce that Cloudways, a premier managed hosting platform, a part of DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc., has chosen Imunify360 to enhance security across its entire server fleet. This decision by Cloudways to procure our top-tier security solutions underscores a significant commitment to providing superior protection for all hosted websites, across various platforms.

Imunify360 Announces Liquid Web's Launch of Imunify360 PLUS


The Imunify360 team is proud to announce that Liquid Web, a leading provider of premium hosting for small to midsize businesses, has launched Imunify360 PLUS catered to specific needs of LiquidWeb. This advanced malware detection and remediation solution delivers proactive defense against emerging threats, reduces potential data breaches, improves website performance, and ensures compliance with industry standards.


AI & Cyber Defense: The Future of Hosting - A Webinar Overview



The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and with each advancement, the necessity for robust cybersecurity measures becomes more apparent. In an upcoming webinar titled "AI & Cyber Defense: The Future of Hosting" co-led by Imunify Security and Hivelocity, participants will gain invaluable insights into the latest innovations in cybersecurity and hosting.


Join CloudLinux & Imunify360 at CloudFest USA 2024!

Join CloudLinux & Imunify360 at CloudFest USA 2024!CloudLinux is proud to announce our role as the Gold Sponsor for the upcoming CloudFest USA 2024! This pivotal event will bring together leading minds in the realms of cloud computing, hosting, and internet infrastructure, and we're eager to share our latest innovations and solutions designed to bolster your business.


  • Date: June 5 – 8, 2024
  • Location: Omni Austin Hotel Downtown 700 San Jacinto Blvd, E 8th St Austin, TX
  • Event Highlights: Keynotes, Workshops, Networking Opportunities, and more.

Elevate Your Security with Imunify360: Join Our Community Forum Today!


Looking for top-tier security solutions backed by a community of experts? Welcome to Our Community Forum – your gateway to transparent solutions, expanded resources, and collaborative innovation.


Proactive vs. Reactive Security: 5 Tips for Proactive Cyber Security


For years, cybersecurity has been reactive - incidents were identified and remediated after discovery. But having a reactive strategy means that you often clean up after the damage has already been done. It only takes a few minutes for attackers to exfiltrate data, so a reactive strategy is no longer the best practice due to the massive revenue loss after a breach. Instead, organizations should push towards a proactive approach to stop attackers before they can do any damage and steal data. The article covers the following topics:

How to remove malware from a website manually & malware injection removal


The detection rates of anti-malware and antivirus scanners varies considerably. Knowing how to manually scan for and remove malware is an important and useful skill with which to confirm a scanner's effectiveness or compensate for its failings. In this article, Andrey Kucherov, Malware Analyst at Imunify360, describes some essential manual website malware detection and cleanup techniques.

Unlock the Future of Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the Future of Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide


The web hosting industry is growing fast, preparing to offer more services and options than ever before. This includes everything from shared and dedicated hosting to VPS and Managed WordPress hosting. While shared hosting is still a favorite for many because of its affordability and ease of use, the move towards offering a wider variety of hosting options shows the industry's shift towards more tailored and flexible services.

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