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Imunify360 version 5.3.3 updated

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-83d Released

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.5.4 beta

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v5.4 beta

WAF Rules v.3.43 Released

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-83c Released

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.5.3

WAF Rules v.3.42 Released

MDS An Intelligent Malware Database Scanner for Websites

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 5.3.1 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 5.3.1 updated

File Quarantine is No Longer Effective

Imunify360 and ImunifyAV(+) v. 5.2.4 Update

Stored Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Post Grid WordPress plugin

WAF Rules v.3.41 Released

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v5.3 beta

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.5.3 beta

Proactive Defense. It is time to enable it!

WAF Rules v.3.39 and v.3.40 Released

WAF Rules v.3.38 Released

ImunifyAV(+) version 5.2.3 updated

Imunify360 version 5.2.3 updated

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-83a Released

WAF Rules v.3.37 Released

ImunifyAV(+) version 5.2.2 updated

Imunify360 version 5.2.2 updated

WAF Rules v.3.36 Released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 5.2.1 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 5.2.1 updated

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-81b Released

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v5.2 beta

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.5.2 beta

Critical Vulnerability In File Manager Plugin For WordPress

WAF Rules v.3.32 and v.3.33 Released

ImunifyAV(+) version 5.1.2 updated

Imunify360 version 5.1.2 updated

ImunifyAV(+) version 5.1.1 updated

Imunify360 version 5.1.1 updated

WAF Rules v.3.30 and v.3.31 Released

“Malicious Checker” WordPress Plugin with Malware

WAF Rules v.3.29 Released

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) version 5.1

Release Notes: Imunify360 version 5.1

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-81a Released

Wide-scale Brute Force Attacks Took Place on July 24, 2020

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v5.1 beta

Release Notes: Imunify360 v.5.1 beta

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-78a Released

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 14 August: New Features and Updates

Release Notes: Imunify360 v4.10

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v4.10

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-75b Released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.10.2 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.10.2 updated

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.10.1 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.10.1 updated

WAF Rules v.3.22 Released

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.9.6 updated

Imunify360 version 4.9.6 updated

Customizing Google reCAPTCHA Keys

Vulnerable PressForward WordPress Plugin Was Available Almost a Year

WAF Rules v.3.21 Released

Webshield Refusing To Start On Servers Having Bondings With VLAN

Release Notes: ImunifyAV(+) v4.10 beta

Release Notes: Imunify360 v4.10 beta

Neutralizing Malware From The WPNull24 Site

WAF Rules v.3.20 Released

WAF Rules v.3.19 Released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.9.5 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.9.5 updated

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.9 released

Imunify360 version 4.9 released

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-72c Released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.9.4 updated

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.9.3 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.9.3 updated

Imunify360 version 4.8.6 updated

WAF Rules v.3.17 Released

OSSEC Rules v.3.1.0-72b Released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.9.2 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.9.2 released

WAF Rules Auto-Configurator

Malware Cleanup: A Safe Way To Remove Malicious Code

WAF Rules v.3.16 Released

Fixing A Vulnerability In bbPress Plugin For WordPress

WAF Rules v.3.15 Released

Beta: CloudLinux Backup Utils v. 3.4.1 released

False Positive SMW-BLKH-46666-auto

WAF Rules v.3.14 Released

Imunify360 version 4.8.5 updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.9.1 released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) 4.9 released

Beta: Imunify360 4.9 released

WAF Rules v.3.13 Released

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.8.4 updated

Imunify360 version 4.8.4 updated

WAF Rules v.3.12 Released

Fixing IMAP Performance Issues

Blocking Web Spam With ModSec Rules

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.8.3 updated

Imunify360 version 4.8.3 updated

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.8.2 updated

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 29 May: New Features and Updates

Analyzing A New WordPress Malware Campaign

ImunifyAV(+) 4.8 released

Imunify360 4.8 released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.8.1 released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.8.1 released

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.7.5 updated

Imunify360 4.7.5 updated

Beta: CloudLinux Backup Utils v. 3.4.0 released

Imunify To The Rescue: Our Operations Team Eliminates A Malicious Plugin

ImunifyAV is now bundled with cPanel & WHM v88

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) v.4.8 released

Beta: Imunify360 4.8 released

Addressing A Critical Security Flaw: The SaltStack Salt Authorization Bypass

WAF Rules v.3.03 Released

Blocking Brute Force Attacks On WordPress

Imunify360 4.7.4 released

WAF Rules v.3.01 Released

Enabling Real-Time Scanning In Imunify360

ImunifyAV(+) v.4.7 released

Imunify360 4.7 released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.7.3 released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.7.3 released

WAF Rules v.2.99 Released

New Imunify Protection Against WP-VCD

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.7.2 released

WAF Rules v.2.98 Released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.7.1 released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.7.1 released

Imunify360 4.6.5 updated

Imunify360 Heuristics: Improving Threat Detection

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 3 April: New Features and Updates

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) v.4.7 released

Beta: Imunify360 4.7 released

Malware Cleanup In Imunify

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.6.4 released

Imunify360 4.6.4 updated

Imunify360 4.6.3 updated

WAF Rules Updated

A New Way To Neutralize Infected Files

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.6 released

Imunify360 4.6 released

Preventing Brute Force Mail Attacks With New PAM Module Extension

Beta: WAF Rules Updated

WAF Rules Updated

Beta: CloudLinux Backup Utils updated

WAF Rules Updated

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.6.1 released

WAF rulesets released

Imunify360 4.5.6 released

Avoiding Erroneous False-Positives in Malware Scanner

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.6 released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.6 released

Imunify360 Can Now Be Installed Without A Web Control Panel

ImunifyAV 4.5.5 released

Imunify360 4.5.5 released

ImunifyAV 4.5.4 released

Imunify360 4.5.4 released

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Wed 12 Feb: New Features and Updates

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.5 released

Imunify360 version 4.5 released

WAF rulesets released

Beta: ImunifyAV 4.5.3 updated

Beta: Imunify360 4.5.3 updated

Beta: WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

Beta: Imunify360 4.5.2 updated

Beta: ImunifyAV 4.5.1 updated

Beta: Imunify360 4.5.1 updated

ImunifyAV 4.4.6 released

Imunify360 4.4.6 released

Beta: WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

Beta: WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

CloudLinux Backup Utils v3.3.3 released

Beta: ImunifyAV(+) version 4.5 released

Beta: Imunify360 version 4.5 released

Beta: WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

ImunifyAV 4.4.5 released

Imunify360 4.4.5 released

Beta: WAF rulesets released

WAF rulesets released

ImunifyAV(+) version 4.4 released

Imunify360 version 4.4 released

Imunify360 Now Integrated With JetBackup

Beta: WAF rulesets released

New Default Settings For Imunify360

Beta: ImunifyAV 4.4.4 updated

Beta: Imunify360 4.4.4 updated

WAF rulesets released

Beta: WAF rulesets released

An Analysis of WordPress Malware

WAF rulesets released

Beta: ImunifyAV 4.4.3 updated

Beta: Imunify360 4.4.3 updated

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