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ImunifyEmail: Elevating Email Security and Management - Official Commercial Release on June 1st


We are thrilled to announce the official commercial launch of ImunifyEmail, the latest addition to our suite of cybersecurity solutions, scheduled for June 1st. 

Following its successful beta release in February 2022 and subsequent production launch in May 2023, ImunifyEmail has rapidly gained traction, demonstrating its effectiveness in safeguarding email communications for businesses worldwide.


Cloudways Enhances Server Security with Market-Leading Imunify360 Across Its Entire Fleet


We are excited to announce that Cloudways, a premier managed hosting platform, a part of DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc., has chosen Imunify360 to enhance security across its entire server fleet. This decision by Cloudways to procure our top-tier security solutions underscores a significant commitment to providing superior protection for all hosted websites, across various platforms.

Imunify360 Announces Liquid Web's Launch of Imunify360 PLUS


The Imunify360 team is proud to announce that Liquid Web, a leading provider of premium hosting for small to midsize businesses, has launched Imunify360 PLUS catered to specific needs of LiquidWeb. This advanced malware detection and remediation solution delivers proactive defense against emerging threats, reduces potential data breaches, improves website performance, and ensures compliance with industry standards.


Security Made Easy with Imunify360: How to Use Imunify360 to Make Your Admin’s Life Better

is cyber security hard - make it easy with imunify360

Securing a server requires the right configurations, but securing a server that protects your data and all other customers hosted on the server is much more complex. Without the right tools, a hosting provider would need several technicians to handle customer tickets, analyze the problem, and remediate cybersecurity issues. Imunify360 monitors, stops, and remediates many common exploits, saving server administrators time and owners' money. In this article you will discover the following:

Top 15 Plesk Server Security Best Practices to Protect Your Website

Top 15 Plesk Server Security Best Practices

If you don’t use cPanel, you probably use Plesk, as it’s one of the most common hosting platforms on the market. Similar to cPanel, hackers target hosting platforms to gain high-privilege access to web applications and server resources. Plesk has several security extensions that will help harden the protection of sites, but relying on simple extensions without following best practices could still leave your site and the main Plesk master account vulnerable to malware and exploits. In this article, you will learn about Plesk and discover Plesk security best practices:

WebJIVE's Security Transformation with Imunify360


In the ever-evolving world of web hosting and digital services, ensuring robust server security is paramount. WebJIVE, a prominent web hosting provider with a 20-year track record of excellence, recently overcame significant security challenges and elevated its server security game with Imunify360.

Empowering Hosting Providers: Imunify360's Impact on Duplika's Security Evolution


Duplika, an 18-year-old dedicated hosting provider, faced a critical challenge: escalating cyber threats compromising client trust. IP blocks, outdated security measures, and compromised sites threatened their reputation until Imunify360 entered the fray.

Release Notes: Imunify360 firewall module v7.7


We are glad to announce the latest release of Imunify360, introducing a new feature: the ability to add Graylist records. This feature enhances server security control by allowing administrators to manage visitor access more precisely in border cases.

Manual malware cleanup

Imu360_manualmalwarecleanupHow to clean a website? How to remove malware? In case ImunifyAV, Linux server antivirus, signals about malware that have been found, please find the guidelines for the malware infection cleanup which can be done manually below:

Release Notes: Imunify support Debian 12


We’re pleased to announce the support of Debian 12 (Plesk, DirectAdmin, and generic panels, see stand-alone integration) by Imunify products with one important note: Imunify360-firewall required legacy iptables support. To turn it on execute the following commands:


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