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What are Steps to Secure a Linux Server?


Overall, the Linux operating system is very secure, but the applications, tools, and configurations administrators install create risks to the environment. Linux powers 75% of the internet, and it’s installed on 6.64 million web servers. Because Linux powers critical systems around the globe, it’s imperative that administrators take the necessary steps to harden the operating system’s security. Although Linux is inherently secure, several configurations and strategies help harden its defenses and reduce the risk of a compromise. This article goes over the following questions:

Blocking Brute Force Attacks On WordPress

brute force wordpress imunify360

One of the easiest ways to attack a web site is to gain entry through a content management system, such as WordPress. To do this, hackers try to force a login to a site’s WordPress installation using frequently used passwords. These sorts of attacks are known as brute-force attacks. Additionally, read our website hosting security article and learn how to keep your website secure in 2021.

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest May 2021


May 2021 was a busy month for the Imunify Security team. Another version of Imunify360 was released, version 5.7. In addition to that, the Imunify team took part in CloudTalk 2021 and skyrocketed it with Igor Seletskiy’s speech about Imunify360’ proactive approach to security. Keep on reading to learn more about new features, CloudTalk 2021 and cPanel security tips.

17 Ways to Improve cPanel Security in 2021

17-ways-to-improve-cpanel-security in 2021

The introduction of cPanel in 1996 simplified Linux hosting management, and almost 30 years  later it’s still a favorite for website owners and hosters alike. The changes in the Linux operating system, additional distributions, new attack vectors, and discovered vulnerabilities force cPanel developers to release security patches frequently. The cPanel software has gone through several version updates, and each change increases complexity. The added complexity makes it more likely for hackers to find vulnerabilities, but your business can reduce risks by following these best practices to avoid becoming a victim of an exploit. The article goes over tips and tricks on how to keep your cPanel account protected.

Imunify360: Events and Incidents Lookup Feature


We want to provide Imunify360 users with powerful and comprehensive tool for events and incident analysis within the separate service, so they could:

Find the incidents by IP address, components, username, domain, etc. across multiple servers in the group.

  • Find out which components of the Imunify360 have allowed or denied access and why.

To use the feature, simply log in your CLN account, navigate to the Imunify360 tab and open the "Events & Incidents lookup" page to search for IP-related incidents and events.

Discover Linux server security with Imunify360 at CloudTalk 2021

Cloudtalk 2021 speech

Igor Seletskiy, CEO of CloudLinux Inc., will be giving a speech about multi-layered security protection and the proactive approach of Imunity360 at CloudTalk Online 2021 in May 2021. The speech, scheduled for May 27th at 13:30 - 13:50 (UTC + 03:00), will discuss the many ways hackers exploit vulnerabilities to take over servers and the multi-layered approach administrators can take using Imunify360. 

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest April 2021


Despite the fact that the fact that trees are blooming and everyone is enjoying spring sun, this month was busy for the Imunify Security team. Another version of Imunify360 was released, version 5.6. and Imunify version 5.7 came out in beta. Keep on reading to find out more about the latest package updates and some tips on how to stay secure.

CloudLinux OS and Imunify Security take part in CloudTalk Online 2021


“CloudTalk Online Matchmaking Summit” – Eurasia’s most comprehensive and widely attended online cloud computing event will bring together household names in the cloud sector across the region for the 2nd consecutive year between 26-27 May 2021.

How to forcibly enable Blamer for all users on the server


Imunify360 team decided to work on some security shortages and eliminate them. It was a supported practice for web hosting clients, to manage their own security settings such as Proactive Defense.

Fake and malicious Wordpress Plugins

fake and malicious wordpress plugins

Today websites are essential for business and operations. To make web design more efficient with added website functionality, web designers use various Plugins. Plugins are the building blocks of a website - they are the little programs that perform a definitive task - based on the needs and personalized requirements of the website owner. It is a lot like providing additional add-ons to the website.

As of writing this article, there are more than 52,000 plugins on the market. There are free to use and commercial plugins available from third-party companies and developers. There are also Nulled Plugins which are pirated copies of legitimate versions of different premium plugins, nulled plugins act as a backdoor for many harmful activities. In this article, Krithika Rajendran, malware analyst at Imunify Security will go over the behavior of wp-sleeps and will tell more how to keep your servers protected.

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