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Scheduled Maintenance: Payment Service Impact on Subscription Hosting Clients

We're reaching out to inform you about an upcoming disruption to our payment services due to essential system maintenance.

Upcoming Changes in Bot Protection with Imunify360 - Replacing reCAPTCHA


On April 1st, Google will implement a new pricing model that will significantly reduce the free tier usage of reCAPTCHA and introduce new prices for the reCAPTCHA Enterprise service. Although reCAPTCHA offers decent bot protection, it is not without its flaws, yet remains quite effective. However, we at Imunify360 have decided to discontinue its use within our protection suite. This decision stems not solely from the new costs associated with its use, but more importantly, because we have developed our own bot protection technology, SplashScreen, which our recent research has shown to be as effective as Google’s reCAPTCHA.

UPD: WebShield 1.25.0 was first released to Beta on March 26 with included updates DEF-27382 PoC for the Get rid of reCaptcha epic/DEF-27508 Test&merge get rid of reCaptcha to master.
Starting from WebShield the 1.25.0 release, the Imunify360 JS challenge is used for the requests from the IPs that were graylisted.

Security Made Easy with Imunify360: How to Use Imunify360 to Make Your Admin’s Life Better

is cyber security hard - make it easy with imunify360

Securing a server requires the right configurations, but securing a server that protects your data and all other customers hosted on the server is much more complex. Without the right tools, a hosting provider would need several technicians to handle customer tickets, analyze the problem, and remediate cybersecurity issues. Imunify360 monitors, stops, and remediates many common exploits, saving server administrators time and owners' money. In this article you will discover the following:

Join CloudLinux & Imunify360 at CloudFest 2024!


CloudLinux is proud to announce our role as the Platinum Sponsor for the upcoming CloudFest 2024! This pivotal event will bring together leading minds in the realms of cloud computing, hosting, and internet infrastructure, and we're eager to share our latest innovations and solutions designed to bolster your business.

Beta: Imunify360 Firewall Module v7.8


We are glad to announce a new feature in the Imunify360 latest release that enhances your server security by introducing improved DENY mode for the firewall. The feature empowers you to selectively whitelist specific IP addresses or subnets for access to designated ports, providing a granular level of control over your server's security settings.

Discover the Future of WordPress at WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

WordCamp Phoenix 2024 with CloudLinux’s CEO

Attention WordPress enthusiasts! The much-anticipated WordCamp Phoenix 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be an event you won’t want to miss. Scheduled for February 9-10 at Phoenix College in Arizona, this event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and insights in the world of WordPress.


Top 15 Plesk Server Security Best Practices to Protect Your Website

Top 15 Plesk Server Security Best Practices

If you don’t use cPanel, you probably use Plesk, as it’s one of the most common hosting platforms on the market. Similar to cPanel, hackers target hosting platforms to gain high-privilege access to web applications and server resources. Plesk has several security extensions that will help harden the protection of sites, but relying on simple extensions without following best practices could still leave your site and the main Plesk master account vulnerable to malware and exploits. In this article, you will learn about Plesk and discover Plesk security best practices:

cPanel hacks: How to protect your cPanel account


cPanel is the most secure hosting panel on the market, but without proper safety measures and settings, it can be vulnerable to attacks. The article goes over the following important questions:

Empowering Hosting Providers: Imunify360's Impact on Duplika's Security Evolution


Duplika, an 18-year-old dedicated hosting provider, faced a critical challenge: escalating cyber threats compromising client trust. IP blocks, outdated security measures, and compromised sites threatened their reputation until Imunify360 entered the fray.

Release Notes: Imunify360 firewall module v7.7


We are glad to announce the latest release of Imunify360, introducing a new feature: the ability to add Graylist records. This feature enhances server security control by allowing administrators to manage visitor access more precisely in border cases.

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