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Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 29 May: New Features and Updates

May 26, 2020 10:34:30 PM / by Greg Zemskov






At 11am EST on Friday 29 May, we’ll be conducting a live webinar on the new features and updates of Imunify360. Sign up and join the conversation on what’s new with our automated server protection suite.


Learn about new features and updates


During this webinar, the Imunify360 product team will be discussing new features and updates to version 4.7:

  • More protection against brute-force attacks
    Imunify360 employs a new approach to protecting WordPress admin accounts, one that keeps WordPress-based web sites safe from most brute-force attacks. 
  • New default settings for Malware Scanner
    The new default settings for Imunify360’s Malware Scanner enable it to scan faster while using fewer resources.
  • Advanced management of scan intensity
    The Malware Scanner component can be configured to use either LVE (limits resource usage and server load) or nice/ionice (employs CFQ I/O scheduler).

We’ll also be discussing the upcoming 4.8 release of Imunify360.


Engage in the question/answer session


The Imunify360 product team will be answering questions in real time during this webinar. If you have any questions that you’d like answered, just send them to us in advance at feedback@imunify360.com.


Sign up to attend this webinar


To attend this webinar, first download and install the Zoom client for meetings, if you don’t already have it. Then register as an attendee, and you’re good to go. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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Greg Zemskov

Written by Greg Zemskov

Imunify Security, Product Owner

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