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ImunifyAV is now bundled with cPanel & WHM v88

May 12, 2020 8:40:12 PM / by Greg Zemskov




We at Imunify are excited to announce that the new version of cPanel & WHM, version 88, bundles ImunifyAV as its default antivirus solution.

ImunifyAV is provided free of charge. It features a highly efficient malware detection engine that finds most types of malware without stressing your system. With the ImunifyAV+ premium edition, malware is easy to remove with just one click. 


Imunify Capabilities And Features


The main capabilities and features of ImunifyAV and ImunifyAV+ are: 

  • Effective malware detection
    Detects any type of malicious file, including backdoors, web-shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘blackhat SEO’ scripts, and phishing pages, without false-positives.

  • One-click malware clean-up
    With ImunifyAV+, if malware is detected, it can be automatically removed with one click. Advanced file deobfuscation techniques enable detection of encrypted malicious code embedded in files, close to 99% of which can be cleaned automatically.

  • User-friendly GUI
    A user-friendly GUI helps you monitor and control the security and computing resources for all websites and users on a server.

  • Task automation
    When malware is detected, you can direct ImunifyAV/ImunifyAV+ to automatically perform a specified action.

ImunifyAV in cPanel & WHM


ImunifyAV provides additional security by scanning for malware on your server. If ImunifyAV finds any malware, it notifies the user in the Files tab of the ImunifyAV interface. 

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You can install ImunifyAV free of charge from WHM’s Security Advisor interface. 

Upgrading to ImunifyAV+ allows you to set up email notifications and automatic malware removal. You can buy a license for it in WHM’s Security Advisor interface, or in the ImunifyAV interface. 

Here are detailed instructions on how to enable ImunifyAV in WHM &cPanel, or purchase a license for ImunifyAV+. 


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Greg Zemskov

Written by Greg Zemskov

Imunify Security, Product Owner

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