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ImunifyAV is now bundled with cPanel & WHM v88

ImunifyAV is now bundled with cPanel & WHM v88

We at Imunify Security are excited to announce that the new version of cPanel & WHM, version 88, bundles ImunifyAV as its default antivirus solution.

ImunifyAV is Linux server antivirus provided free of charge. It features a highly efficient malware detection engine that finds most types of malware without stressing your system. With the ImunifyAV+ premium edition of antivirus for linux server, malware is easy to remove with just one click. 

Imunify360 Now Integrated With JetBackup

Imunify360 and Jetbackup integrated

Imunify360 is now integrated with the JetBackup server backup application. Anyone using JetBackup with WHM or cPanel can now elect to use Imunify360.

New Default Settings including Scans For Imunify360


The new version of Imunify360, version 4.5, is almost here (beta version will be available in December), and it will include default scanning values that should eliminate all risk of malware infection.

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