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Starting Over After the Recent LastPass Breach


By now you’ve probably heard about the latest breach at LastPass. (Yes, I said “latest” – as in “not the first.”)

Here’s a quick recap of the latest incident:

5 Things We Learned from the FBI Hack

In December 2022, hackers broke into the FBI’s 80,000-member Infragard database posing as the CEO of a financial institution. InfraGard is an outreach program that keeps public officials and private sector actors informed of national security and cybersecurity threats that could impact critical US infrastructure. 

Once inside the database, the hacker communicated directly with members in an attempt to gain personal information. Although the FBI hasn’t offered specifics on how the hacker was able to manipulate the system, we do know they had some key pieces of personal information for the person they were impersonating.

What All Hosters Need to Know About the Cyber Attack on GoDaddy


The recent news about the security incident at GoDaddy is not limited to GoDaddy. The attack is multi-year and affects hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of accounts across multiple hosting providers. The criminals are deploying redirects and other malicious payloads. We at Imunify have observed and combated this widespread issue and have been addressing it through our Imunify360 security solution.

The Fastest Malware Scanner on the Market


We are always working to make our Imunify products better, faster, and more secure. One of our key differentiators is our database malware scanner: a highly responsive and flexible tool that eliminates malware in real-time. Although it is the only scanner of its kind on the market, that doesn’t stop us from improving it, to keep upping our own game – even if we’re the only one we’re competing.

“Detection or Prevention? 3 Reasons Why You Need Both”


We’re wrapping up Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a webinar that’ll cover key tips to protect your servers from cyber attacks. Just in time for Halloween, we’ll dive deep into the online threats that lurk in the dark – and show you how to protect yourself from the dangers you can’t see.


New Video Content: “Imunify360 #Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons”


An insider’s point of view is always valuable. Arianna Della Valle shared her perspective on server security with our own Eric Ellis in our webinar “Imunify360 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons” – now available on demand by clicking here.

[New Webinar] Imunify360 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Spotlight on Netsons


To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness month in October, we planned a special webinar to cover everything you need to know about how to protect your servers against unknown threats, specific types of attacks you may not know about, and why it matters more now than ever.

Join us on Tuesday, October 18 at 11 am EST / 5:00 pm GMT+2  for a conversation with Arianna Della Valle about her server security journey with hosting company Netsons. She’ll share the challenges Netsons faced, why change was critical, and how she’s been able to increase both productivity and profits.

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 1 pm EST: Bulletproof your server security with Imunify360


Is your server security bullet proof? Could you benefit from a fully automated system that prevents malware and mitigates cyber attacks?

Join hosting security guru Eric Ellis this Friday at 1 pm EST to hear how others are using Imunify360 to secure their servers so they can focus on scaling their business.

Imunify360 Live Webinar, Friday 1 pm EST: Expand your knowledge of Imunify360


Register and join hosting security guru Eric Ellis this Friday at 1 pm EST and see how Imunify360 detects and prevents malware and mitigates cyber attacks without being a security expert so you can focus on scaling your business.
We'll be talking about Imunify360, our next-gen security suite for Linux servers, and answering all your questions on how to get the best out of it.

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