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Upcoming Changes in Bot Protection with Imunify360 - Replacing reCAPTCHA


On April 1st, Google will implement a new pricing model that will significantly reduce the free tier usage of reCAPTCHA and introduce new prices for the reCAPTCHA Enterprise service. Although reCAPTCHA offers decent bot protection, it is not without its flaws, yet remains quite effective. However, we at Imunify360 have decided to discontinue its use within our protection suite. This decision stems not solely from the new costs associated with its use, but more importantly, because we have developed our own bot protection technology, SplashScreen, which our recent research has shown to be as effective as Google’s reCAPTCHA.

UPD: WebShield 1.25.0 was first released to Beta on March 26 with included updates DEF-27382 PoC for the Get rid of reCaptcha epic/DEF-27508 Test&merge get rid of reCaptcha to master.
Starting from WebShield the 1.25.0 release, the Imunify360 JS challenge is used for the requests from the IPs that were graylisted.

Customizing Google reCAPTCHA Keys



Prior to version 4.9, Imunify360 used embedded reCAPTCHA keys to show Google reCAPTCHA challenge for greylisted IP addresses and did not require any settings for captcha challenge. Starting from v4.9, Imunify360 admins can specify their own reCAPTCHA keys for the server.

In this article, you can find a step by step guide on how to set up a custom site and secret keys for your Imunify360 server.

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