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Author: Dmitry Belomestnykh

Malware Obfuscation using plain HTML: 7 Examples

obfuscate htlml 7 examples

Hackers will use any method they can to infect your server.

Just because a web site is using plain HTML, doesn’t mean it’s safer than one built on PHP. In this article are seven common examples of obfuscated malware and their de-obfuscated equivalents. To complement my article on PHP malware obfuscation (php goto), this article will look at obfuscation using plain HTML and JavaScript. Additionally, read our website hosting security article and learn how to keep your website secure in 2021.

PHP malware obfuscation using goto

php goto malware banner

Imunify’s Malware Intelligence Team has been witnessing an increase in malware samples using the goto programming construct. Here’s a chart showing the recent surge of malware using goto as an obfuscating mechanism.

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