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MDS An Intelligent Malware Database Scanner for Websites

MDS: Malware database scanner for websites based on ai bolit

What if we told you that ~15% of infection sources are database infections? If you have ever tried to clean up malicious injections (usually, thousands of them) from the database table, you know how much time and pain it would take. There's a lack of professional solutions to detect and clean up malware in the database automatically. We want to save your time and provide you with another top-notch solution to detect threats in the databases (in addition to our trailblazing Imunify file scanner). We call the solution “Malware Database Scanner” (MDS).

Malware scanner: File Quarantine is No Longer Effective

IMUNIFY360_File Quarantine is No Longer Effective
This article wants to inform you about the changes in the next Imunify360 and ImunifyAV versions regarding file quarantining in the Malware Scanner. Explore the new features of Linux malware scanner for web servers below.

360 Malware Cleanup: Safe Way To Remove Malicious Code from Wordpress

Imunify 360 clean up

Over a typical 3-month span, the average server has around 1500 kinds of malware injected into its files. Lately, a great many of these injections have been occurring in WordPress installations. What should you do when malicious code is injected into WordPress files? 

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