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Author: Maria Medvedeva

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest for December 2021


December 2021 is a festive month full of celebrations & happiness. The Imunify360 team would like to contribute by sharing several important updates  with you. Apart from releasing new 6.0 & 6.1 Imunify360 versions, we were also able to dramatically improve Proactive Defense overhead and promptly provide WAF rules against Log4j vulnerability. Keep on reading to learn more.

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest November 2021


November 2021 was a busy month for the Imunify360 team. The month was rich in new releases - Imunify360 6.0 and Imunify360 6.1 beta came out. In the meantime, our team was happy to share more information about the latest product updates and had a webinar on November 3rd, 2021.

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest October 2021

Imunify Security monthly digest October 2021

October 2021 was a busy month for the Imunify360 team - beta Imunify360 v.6.0 with an ultimate Malware Database Scanner and changelog page came out. In addition, the Imunify360 team is thrilled to talk more about v.6.0 and invites you to a webinar. Register now and keep reading the monthly digest to learn more about the latest product updates and security trends. 

Live Webinar, November 3, 2021 : Imunify360 v.6.0 - Revolutionary Malware Database Scanner

Live Webinar, Wednesday, November 3rd: Imunify360 v.6.0 - Revolutionary Malware Database Scanner

Registration is no longer available. Watch the recording to learn more about Imunify360 v.6.0 and new Malware Database Scanner.

On November 3rd, 2021, the Imunify360 team will be conducting a live webinar about Imunify360 v.6.0 and its revolutionary Malware Database Scanner. 

Imunify360 Introduces Release and Changelog Tracking Tool


Developers at Imunify360 continue to take feedback from users and analyze features to find the best benefits that can help our users. We continue to build software that helps our customers protect their applications from malware and other malicious threats, and our latest patches will address many of the comments from our customers.

To help our customers track changes made to Imunify360, we’ve created a changelog page that will give you an overview of the changes made to the system. Here are the changelog pages for the various Imunify360 products:

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest September 2021

digest-septemberSeptember 2021 was a busy month for the Imunify360 team. Imunify360 v.5.11 was released. In the meantime, the goal of Imunify360 Security Suite is to make sure that its users are on the top of security trends - read new Imunify360 “How to” guides to learn more. 

Imunify Security - Monthly Digest August 2021

monthly-digest-August 2021

In August, 2021, Imunify360 introduced a new version, v.5.9. and 5.10. Read the posts below to stay tuned with the latest updates and security trends.

WP Optimization Suite to Take Your Website Performance to a New Level

wp optimization suite

Security is critical to your business success, but performance is also important. Both security and performance are difficult to assess and build solutions for optimal results, so we developed the WP Optimization Suite to help ease the stress of speed configurations using caching and other system performance tools included with the CloudLinux OS Solo operating system. WP Optimization Suite is still in beta, but we’re releasing the beta to allow our users to experience the speed benefits before it’s released in a final version.

How Create.com Leveraged Imunify360 to Preserve Customer Website Ranking


Ranking in search engine results is a valuable marketing tool for organizations, and losing this ranking can directly affect revenue. Search engines do what is best for their users, and one of those strategies is to remove hacked sites and those hosting malware. Google has its own scanner that detects hacked sites, but many site owners are unaware they’ve been hacked until they realize that they no longer receive search engine traffic to their sites. To help site owners fight threat actors and protect sites, shared hoster Create.com uses Imunify360 to detect, stop, and clean malicious content.

How Imunify360 Improved Server Performance at Stablepoint


Stablepoint supports over 60,000 websites across 38 locations. The web hosting organization prides itself on a 5.0 Trustpilot rating based on customer reviews and satisfaction. Stablepoint optimizes their web servers for speed and reliability, but the company experienced issues with hacked sites on shared hosts. Malware exhausts server resources, so Stablepoint administrators spent enormous amounts of time identifying hacked sites, removing malware, and closing tickets to maintain performance.

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