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Tag: vulnerability

Notification on a vulnerable WordPress version detected


The Imunify Security team is always working hard to ensure you’re receiving the highest level of protection possible. Now we’re setting up a number of notifications to inform you about potentially threatening configurations on your server. Whenever you receive a message from us that starts like this …

“Dear Administrator,

We are reaching out to you to keep you informed on security threats. The list below shows vulnerable software that has been detected in your environment:

  • Actively Exploited Plugin Vulnerability - /home/johndoe/public_html
    • Severity: CRITICAL
    • WordPress 6.0
    • Affected Plugin: Download Manager
    • Affected Versions: <= 3.2.42  
  • …”

Vulnerability in Simple File List 5.4 exploited



The new week started with a new campaign trying to widely use the Arbitrary File Upload vulnerability in the Simple File List plugin for WordPress.

Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Post Grid WordPress plugin



The high severity vulnerability in Post Grid WordPress plugin that appeared in public resources is suspected to be the cause of attackers’ interest to exploit the affected systems.

The discovered vulnerability allows an attacker to forge the template with further inclusion of its code to the application's backend with the ability to perform malicious actions involving privileged users. This could end up with a stolen administrator session or malware injection.

Critical Vulnerability In File Manager Plugin For WordPress


On Wednesday, 2 September, the Imunify360 Web Protection Team detected a significant rise in blocked malware that day. Most of the malware was located in the /wp-file-manager/lib/files/ directory path.

When we investigated, we determined that there was a critical vulnerability in the File Manager plugin for WordPress, and that this vulnerability affected a variety of applications.

Vulnerable PressForward WordPress Plugin Was Available Almost a Year



The Imunify security team recently detected a vulnerable plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It’s called PressForward, and it’s used to manage editorial workflow. This free plugin included an iframe that could be used to send visitors to a malicious web page. 

The Imunify team identified the vulnerability in this plugin on the first of July, 2020. At the time it was discovered, the plugin was installed on 800+ websites, where it could be used to send visitors to phishing sites and conduct black SEO campaigns. The plugin’s change log indicates that it has been there for almost a year:

Fixing A Vulnerability In bbPress Plugin For WordPress


bbPress, a popular WordPress plugin, was recently found to contain a serious vulnerability. 

How should bbPress users address it? The best way is to update the plugin and install the latest version. But if they can’t or don’t do this, Imunify has them covered. Read below to find out how. Additionally, check our WordPress Security Ultimate Guide for 2021 to learn more about WordPress Security.

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