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Author: Funda Celebi

ImunifyAV is now the Default Anti-virus in Webuzo!


We are thrilled to share that Webuzo, a leading web hosting platform that simplifies the management of cloud or dedicated servers, has officially integrated ImunifyAV as its default antivirus software, recognizing the importance of top-notch security for its users.

Lessons Learned: The CloudNordic and AzeroCloud Ransomware Attack

Lessons Learned- The CloudNordic and AzeroCloud Ransomware AttackIn the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, no one is truly immune from the devastating consequences of a ransomware attack. Recent headlines have highlighted the unfortunate plight of Danish hosting firms CloudNordic and AzeroCloud. Their stories are a stark reminder that even the most vigilant organizations can fall prey to cybercriminals. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this attack, the lessons we can draw from it, and the importance of robust cybersecurity solutions like Imunify360 in safeguarding against such incidents.

MyImunify: Boosting Hosting Security and Unlocking Potential

MyImunifyIn the ever-changing world of web hosting, we're always on the lookout for ways to strike a balance between solid server security and helping hosting businesses grow. This challenge has led us to find innovative solutions that make things safer and open doors to new possibilities. Today, we're excited to introduce you to something revolutionary that enhances security and brings exciting growth opportunities.

Webinar "Mastering Website Uptime: Ensuring Your Online Success"

Imunify360 Webinar

Are you a website owner? Do you rely on your website to drive business, engage customers, and generate revenue? If so, you understand the critical importance of keeping your website online and accessible to visitors. In today's digital age, downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom line and reputation. To help you navigate this crucial aspect of website management, NameHero, and Imunify360 are excited to present the webinar on "Mastering Website Uptime: Ensuring Your Online Success."

Swift Response to WooCommerce Payments Plugin Flaw

WooCommerce Payments Plugin FlawCybercriminals, in their relentless pursuit of exploiting vulnerabilities, have recently focused their efforts on a critical flaw in the WooCommerce Payments WordPress plugin. This flaw, tagged as CVE-2023-28121, is a perfect example of how an unauthorized attacker can impersonate users and potentially gain complete control over websites. The sheer scale and potential for site takeovers underscore the importance of deploying comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, such as Imunify360, to detect and protect against such threats in real time.

Hosting Companies Patching the Cracks

Imunify360_patchingIn the vast landscape of hosting providers, a delicate dance unfolds. These companies rely on a complex web of software and infrastructure components to deliver seamless customer services. However, beneath the surface of this intricate system lies a lurking danger: vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. To safeguard against these threats, hosting companies must remain constant and employ meticulous patch management practices. In this article, we will delve into the critical importance of patching vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure to ensure the impregnability of hosting systems.

Securing your online store: Critical Vulnerability Found in Stripe Gateway Plugin

Securing your online store

As the world becomes increasingly digital, e-commerce platforms have become a prime target for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. Recently, a critical security flaw was uncovered in the popular WooCommerce Stripe Gateway WordPress plugin, putting hundreds of thousands of e-commerce websites at risk. In this blog post, we will delve into the vulnerability details and explore how utilizing the Imunify360 server security suite can help prevent such incidents.

Protect Your E-commerce Website from Web Skimmers

Protect Your E-commerce Website from Web Skimmers

In today's digital era, cyberattacks have become a harsh reality, threatening the security of businesses and individuals alike. A new type of attack has emerged, known as a "web skimmer," which targets explicitly e-commerce websites, aiming to steal personal information and credit card data. The cunning use of legitimate websites as "command-and-control" servers sets this attack apart from its predecessors, enabling hackers to discreetly distribute malicious code while concealing their activities. The repercussions of such an attack are far-reaching, potentially compromising the sensitive data of thousands of unsuspecting website visitors. However, there is a solution that can provide an effective shield against these web skimmers: Imunify360.

Introducing MyImunify: Transforming Server Security into Ongoing Revenue for Hosting Providers

IM_upcoming_myimunifyServer security is a top concern for hosting providers, and finding ways to enhance it while also generating revenue can be a challenge. However, with the launch of MyImunify, a revolutionary addition to the Imunify security suite, hosting companies now have the opportunity to transform server security into a lucrative revenue stream and take their security game to the next level.

Starting Over After the Recent LastPass Breach

Starting Over After the Recent LastPass Breach

By now you’ve probably heard about the latest breach at LastPass. (Yes, I said “latest” – as in “not the first.”)

Here’s a quick recap of the latest incident:

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